Adityas generally considered as 12 in number are sons of Aditi and Kashyapa Prajapati.

In the Vedic corpus, Aditi is equated to Moola Prakriti, the primordial nature from which the whole universe evolved.

Being her sons, the Adityas stand for the primordial forces of nature.

As their father, the role of Kashyapa was to bring the Adityas into existence out of Aditi.

What do the Adityas stand for?

  1. Indra - administrative power, courage, and valor.
  2. Dhata - creative power.
  3. Parjanya - water distribution through evaporation of sea water and rains.
  4. Pusha - the nourisher, makes food through photosynthesis.
  5. Tvashta - controls hereditary characteristics.
  6. Aryama - Causes evolution and development, governs honor and nobility.
  7. Bhaga - confers prosperity and abundance, governs inheritance.
  8. Vivasvan - energy in fire, governs dharma and morality.
  9. Amshu - energy in the moonlight, connected to reproduction and growth of plants, he ensures the share of Devas in yajnas.
  10. Vishnu - maintenance of order.
  11. Varuna - energy in water, governs divine order, punisher of the evil.
  12. Mitra - Emotions of compassion and friendliness, governs all interpersonal relationships.

There are different versions about the number and names of Adityas across Vedas, Puranas, and other scriptures.

They should be looked upon as complementing each other.

In some cases, several functions are kept together under one name.

In some cases, synonyms have been used.




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As rivers, flowing down, become indistinguishable on reaching the sea, so also, merging in the Supreme, all beings lose their individuality. This is the highest state of Man. - Mundakopanishad

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