Why Are Lakshmi And Ganesh Worshiped Together?

lakshmi ganesh

Lakshmi is worshiped for getting wealth. 

Ganesh is worshiped for getting the wisdom to get wealth by fair means and also to spend it appropriately.


Why is this important?

If you pray to Lakshmi, she would simply bless you with wealth.

Of course, Lakshmi should be worshiped always with Narayana.

But she may not really bother about how you are getting the wealth.


What happens if you earn through unfair means?

Some people make money through means such as crimes, cheating, telling lies, shortchanging, adulteration, and harming others.

Such money will corrupt the mind and soul.

It will inevitably lead to dangers, troubles, diseases, and mental issues.


What happens if you spend money inappropriately?

Money splurged for self-gratification will also corrupt the mind and soul.

It is the duty of every person to take care of the needs of those dependent on him.

This is the purpose of earning.

If it is spent pampering the body and in vices, then it will only destroy health and character.


What is Ganesh’s role in this?

Ganesh is the lord of wisdom and discretion.

When Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshiped together, then Ganesh would give you the wisdom to -

  1. Earn using fair means.
  2. Spend only appropriately.

This will ensure long-term happiness for you.

Ganesh being the creator and remover of obstacles, he would also ensure that -

  1. Obstacles in your path to earning good wealth are removed.
  2. You are stopped from spending which could eventually harm you.





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