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Why Abhimanyu died at 16?



Devas were taking incarnations on earth to reduce adharma which had increased beyond limits. They would assist Lord Krishna in this. It was Somadeva's son called Varchas who incarnated as Abhimanyu. When Varchas was about to go to earth, Somadeva told the other Devas- I can not live without my son for long. He will live a short life on earth, eliminate a large number of evil kings, and return to me at the age of 16. Abhimanyu was 16 when he was killed in the battle of Kurukshetra.


Mahabharata Episode 37 - Birth of Abhimanyu




Beautiful and crisp and thought-provoking talk. Thanks Guruji.💐 -Gautam Mohan

Wonderful booster every day! Great job! -Sundaram narayan

Vedadhara's servise to society is commendable 🌟🙏🙏 -P R Laxmi

Thrilling experience. It is brilliant presentations. One must to knw the importance of the Vedadhara's efforts to inculcate Vedic knowledge among its readers. Thank you so much -Nadamuni

Very informative. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 -Dinesh. Mysore

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Why did Vyasa divide Veda into four parts?

1.For ease of learning. 2.Veda was divided and compiled based on their application in yajnas.You should bear in mind that Veda Vyasa divided and compiled only a small part of the Vedas useful in performing yajnas. This is called Yajnamatrika Veda.

What is your expectation in bhakti?

In bhakti, you don't expect any reward. You simply want to love Bhagavan and do not expect anything in return.


What is the name of the forest that Pandavas burned to build their capital, Indraprastha ?
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