Qualities Of Abhimanyu



Abhimanyu had long arms, a wide chest, and eyes like a bull. He was fearless and ferocious. He was learned in the Vedas. He mastered the use of both worldly and divine weapons from Arjuna. He was equal to Arjuna in skill with weapons. His hands were light and feet swift. He could counter any attack with any weapon and could kill any adversary who came before him. Abhimanyu had broad shoulders, a broad round face, as handsome as the full moon, and the gait of a lion. He was as aggressive as an elephant in musth. He had tremendous energy and used to observe severe vratas. All the noble qualities of Krishna, the resolve of Yudhishtira, the fearlessness of Bhima, the skill of Arjuna, and the humility of Sahadeva and Nakula were together present in Abhimanyu.


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Mahabharata Episode 37 - Birth of Abhimanyu





Is Lakshmi the daughter of Durga?

Durga Devi is Adi Parashakti, the cause of the material world. In Durga Saptashati we see three manifestations of Durga Devi - Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati. The three Devis are Shaktis of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Shiva and Vishnu thought that they were able to defeat Asuras because of their own power. They ignored and insulted their wives. Gowri and Lakshmi went away. In their absence, the world became a mess as both Shiva and Vishnu lost their powers and direction. Devas prayed to Adi Parashakti. She made Lakshmi emerge from the milky ocean during its churning. Gowri was born as the daughter of Himavan. Both of them reunited with their husbands.

Why did Venkateswara Swamy manifest at Upamaka?

It was protect and bless devotees of the eastern coast.


Who is the author of Thirukkural ?
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