Who is Balarama’s wife?

Balarama  and Revati


Balarama’s wife is Revati, daughter of king Raivata Kakudmi.


Who was Revati?

You must be familiar with Chyavana Maharshi.

His wife was Sukanya.

Sukanya had a brother by the name, Anartta.

Anartta’s son was Revata.

Revata’s son was Raivata Kakudmi.

Raivata Kakudmi’s daughter was Revati.

Raivata Kakudmi ruled over Kushasthali.


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How Revati married Balarama is very interesting.

Once, Raivata Kakudmi took Revati to Brahmaloka.

He wanted Brahma to select a suitable bridegroom for her.

The gandharvas, Haha, and Huhu were singing divine songs at that time in Brahma's court.

Raivata Kakudmi, and Revati spent several chaturyugas in Brahmaloka absorbed in the music.

It only felt like a few moments.

After the singing was over, Raivata Kakudmi told Brahma the purpose of his visit.

Brahma said:  Tell me who all are the potential bridegrooms.

As Raivata Kakudmi read out the list, Brahma said: They are all gone now.

You have spent several chaturyugas here.

You don’t realize.

Not even their children and grandchildren are there on earth now.

As of now, the twenty-eighth chaturyuga of the Vaivasvata manvantara is running on earth,

Kaliyuga is about to begin.

People on earth are no longer like you.

All of them have shrunk in size.

You go back to earth.

Kushasthali has now become Dwaraka.

You will find an avatara of Mahavishnu there.

His name is Balarama.

He will be your daughter's husband.

Raivata Kakudmi thus went to Dwaraka, met Balarama and Revati became Balarama’s wife.

Revati was huge in size.

Balarama pulled her down with the notch of his plough and shrank her to the size of a normal woman. 




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