What Are The Benefits Of Doing Puja?

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What are the benefits of doing puja? | Vedadhara


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What is the story of Nara Narayana?

Nara and Narayana were performing tapas. Indra sent Kamadeva and several apsaras to distract them. Nara-Narayana demonstrated their spiritual power and self-control to Indra by producing apsaras such as Urvashi from their own thighs.

Some vahanas in temple festivals

Vahanas or vehicles are used for taking out processions during festivals in temples. Some of them are - Surya Mandala, Chandra Mandala, Simha, Ashwa, Gaja, Hamsa, Garuda, Mayura, Hanuman, Nandi, Kalpavriksha, Meru, Pushpa Mandapa, Anantha, Andolika, and Brahma Ratha.


Is Ramayana there in the Vedas?
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