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The Power Of Puja




Agnishvatta (अग्निष्वात्ताः)

There are seven kinds of Pitrus - Agnishvatta, Vairaja, Garhapatya, Somapa, Ekashringa, Chaturveda, and Kala. Someone who performs all the rituals mentioned in the Smritis such as aupasana, sthaleepka but does not perform the Shrauta Yajnas would attain the Loka of Agnishvatta Pitrus.


Agrasandhani (अग्रसन्धानी) is the book in which the good and bad deeds of everyone are recorded. This book is in Yamaloka. Chitragupta is in charge of this book.


Who is Shashishekhara ?


Video - Om Namaha Shivaya 


Om Namaha Shivaya



Video - Kalabhairava Ashtakam 


Kalabhairava Ashtakam



Video - Runahara Ganesha Stotram 


Runahara Ganesha Stotram


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