Swati Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra symbol coral


The Nakshatra which spreads from 6 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees of Tula Rashi is called Swati (स्वाती). This is the 15th Nakshatra in Vedic Astronomy. In Modern Astronomy, Swati corresponds to Arcturus. 


Traits of those born in Swati Nakshatra are:

  • Smart
  • Comfortable in life
  • Charitable
  • Righteous
  • Kind
  • Ambitious
  • Intelligent
  • Good communication skills
  • Interest in arts and music
  • Inclination towards drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Short-tempered
  • Independent thinking
  • Humane
  • Humble
  • Intuitive
  • Sweet behavior
  • Business skills
  • Systematic 


ॐ वायवे नमः

om vayave namah'


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Swati Nakshatra Mantra 108 Times | Swati Nakshatra Devta Mantra | Swati Nakshatra Vedic Mantra


Unfavorable Nakshatras 

  • Anuradha
  • Mula
  • Uttarashada
  • Krittika Vrishabha Rashi
  • Rohini
  • Mrigashira Vrishabha Rashi

Those born in Swati Nakshatra should avoid important events on these days and also avoid partnership with those belonging to these Nakshatras. 

Health issues

Those born in Swati Nakshatra are prone to these health issues:

  • Urinary diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Leucoderma
  • Leprosy
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney problems 

Suitable career

Some of the suitable careers for those born in Swati Nakshatra are:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Transport
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Cinema
  • T.V.
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Exhibitions
  • Decoration
  • Scientist
  • Judge
  • Poet
  • Anchor
  • Bakery
  • Dairy
  • Leather Industry
  • Cooking
  • Attendant
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Garments
  • Perfumes
  • Plastics
  • Glass 

Can Swati Nakshatra wear diamond?


Lucky stone

Gomed (Hessonite). 

Favorable colors 

Black, white, light blue 

Names for Swati Nakshatra

The starting letter of the name as per Avakahadadi system for Swati Nakshatra is:

  • First charana - रू (Ru)
  • Second charana - रे (Re)
  • Third charana - रो (Ro)
  • Fourth charana - ता (Ta)

These letters can be used for the traditional Nakshatra name kept at the time of the naming ceremony.

In some communities, the names of the grandparents are kept during the naming ceremony. There is no harm in following that system.

Shastra prescribes that the official name kept for records and all practical purposes should be different from this. It is called Vyavaharika nama. The Nakshatra name as per the above system should be known only to close family members.

Letters that you should avoid in the official name for those born in Swati Nakshatra are - य, र, ल, व, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ष, अं, अः, क्ष (ya, ra, la, va, u, oo, ri', sha, am, ah', ksha) 


Women born in Swati Nakshatra will have comfortable and successful marital life. They are noble, well-mannered, and faithful to their spouse. Men should stay away from vices such as drinking. 


Periods of Surya, Shani, and Ketu are generally unfavorable for those born in Swati Nakshatra. They may perform the following remedies.

Swati Nakshatra

  • Lord - Vayu
  • Ruling planet - Rahu
  • Animal - Buffaloe
  • Tree - Arjun tree (Terminalia arjuna)
  • Bird - Crow 
  • Bhuta - Agni
  • Gana - Deva
  • Yoni - Buffaloe (Male)
  • Nadi - Antya
  • Symbol - Coral




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