Sanwaliya Seth Mandir

Sanwariyaji Mandir


Where is Sanwaliya Seth Temple located?


Sanwariaji Temple is a group of three temples at Mandaphiya, Bhadsoda, and Chapar. 

They are on the Chittorgarh - Udaipur Highway 78 at a distance of 40 km from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. 

The temples are within 5 km of each other.


Why is Lord Krishna called Sanwaliya Seth in this temple?


The name Sanwaliya of Sanwaria is associated with Lord Krishna due to a legend connected to Sudama's visit to Dwaraka. Sudama, a childhood friend of Lord Krishna visited Dwaraka to meet him. 

The Lord welcomed him with a grand feast with 55 dishes cooked with Rukmini's own hands. 

When they were about to start having the food, Sudama suddenly said: how can I have food alone when my wife and children are starving back home? 

He went and sat under a tree gloomily. 

At that time a miracle happened. 

At Sudama's village, a bullock cart full of food (poorie and kheer) was being taken around. 

It was being announced: A grandson has been seen to Sanwaliya Seth. 

As part of the celebration, grand puja is being conducted for 10 days. 

Delicious food is being served three times a day. 

Everyone should come and take. 

For those who are not able to come, we will bring food to their doorstep. 

Sudama's wife was given ample food for the next ten days. 

Here, one person approached Sudama and said: food is being served in an area of 10 kroshas on account of the birth of a grandson to Sanwaliya Seth. 

It's available at a nearby place. 

Why don't you go and have it? 

Sudama asked: is it being given in my village Vrindapuri also? The man said: yes. 

I have seen it myself. 

There except one Sudama everyone is partaking in the grand feast and Sudama's family is being given poorie and kheer at their doorstep. 

Sudama got up and started going with the man for having food. That man changed himself into Krishna and asked: I am also hungry, will you not invite me? 

Sudama realized that it was a miracle performed by the Lord and joined the Lord for taking food cooked by Rukmini Devi.

In remembrance of this legend, the Lord is called Sanwaliya Seth. The idols of Sanwaliyaji Temples are also sanwala (black) in color.


Sanwaliya Seth Mandir History


In the year 1840, a resident of Mandaphiya village by the name Bholaram Gurajar had a dream that beautiful idols of Lord Krishna were there underground somewhere in the village. 

Just at that time, a road was being constructed from Udaipur to Chittorgarh. 

At Chapar, a Babul tree stood obstructing the road. 

When it was cut, the idols were discovered under it just as it had come in the dream. 

There were four idols. 

One was broken. 

The other three were installed at Mandaphiya, Bhadsoda, and Chapar.


Where did the idols come from?


It is believed that the idols belonged to the entourage of Sant Dayaram. 

During the invasion of Aurangazeb, the idols were hidden underground. 

The Babul tree came up at the spot where they were hidden. 

It is also believed that Mirabai used to worship these idols as Girdhar Gopal.


Sanwaliya Seth as a business partner


A lot many businessmen make Sanwaliya Seth their business partner and offer him a share of the profit. 

This gives them growth in business and profit.


Sanwaliya Seth Dham distance


From Chottorgarh - 40 km.


Sanwaliya Seth Dham Nearest Airport


Dabok - 65 km.


Sanwaliaji Dham address


Sanwaliaji Dham

Village Mandafiya


Chittaurgarh district


PIN -  312 024 


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