Samskaras Bring Divine Qualities Into The Child

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What was special about the bhakti of the gopikas of Vrindavan?

According to Narada-bhakti-sutra.22-24, even as the gopikas danced and played around with Srikrishna, they never even forgot once his greatness as the Lord of the universe. In the absence of this perpetual awareness of his greatness, it would have been just got classified as passion. Gopikas were not looking for self-gratification. Their happiness was in making Krishna happy.

What is the significance of the Shri Azhagiyasingar Temple in Kanchipuram?

The temple is a significant Vaishnavite shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his Narasimha avatara, known for its rich legend, historical importance, and architectural beauty.


How many Rishis are considered to be the propounders of Astrology ?
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