Rishis See Mantras

Bhardwaj Rishi


Every mantra is associated with a Rishi.

Mantra is in sound format

But Rishis originally did not hear mantras, they saw mantras.

Let's see how.

By the way,


What is the meaning of the term Rishi?

ऋषति प्राप्नोति सर्वान् मंत्रान् ज्ञानेन पश्यति संसारपारं वा इति ऋषिः

Rishis can see what ordinary people cannot.

They can see mantras.

Do mantras appear in their minds as written words?

No. They see the concept or idea behind mantras.


I will give you an example.

In the sky, Surya travels along a path.

Water is present above and below this path.

Between the sky and earth, we know that there is the atmosphere.

In the atmosphere, there is water vapor.

The world above the Surya mandala is called Parameshti.

That is also filled with water.

Science through experiments has found and measures humidity in the atmosphere.

Science may also detect water above the Surya mandala in the near future.

One Rishi named Gathi Kaushika realized this truth, rather it was revealed to him in a deep state of meditation.

Afterwards, this knowledge came out of him in an audible format.

अग्ने दिवो अर्णमच्छा जिगास्यच्छा देवाँ ऊचिषे धिष्ण्या ये ।

या रोचने परस्तात्सूर्यस्य याश्चावस्तादुपतिष्ठन्त आपः ॥

It became a mantra.

This mantra is found in the twenty-second sukta of the third mandala of the Rigveda.

The Rishi is not the creator or author of this mantra.

The Rishi experienced a truth which he then expressed in the form of words.


Compare this to music.

There is a pre-existing composition.

It then expresses itself through a singer.

The singer did not write or compose the song.

Likewise, eternal knowledge pre-exists.

A piece of that knowledge expresses itself through the Rishi as words, as sound.

This is mantra.

We equate Bhagawan with knowledge.

We don’t say Bhagawan has knowledge. We say Bhagawan is knowledge.

The manifestation of knowledge through the Rishis is mantra.

A collection of mantras is called Veda.


How did the Rishis get the power to do this?

Because Rishis do tapas.

This is the result of the power they acquire through tapas.



What is the relationship between Rishis and Mantras ?
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