Who Is Satyavati In Mahabharata?

Satyavati and Shantanu

Satyavati is the queen of Kuru-Vamsha king Shantanu. She had two sons - Chitrangada, and Vichitravirya. They both died childless. 

Before her wedding with Shantanu, Satyavati had conceived a divine pregnancy from Sage Parashara. This was Sage Vyasa, an amshavatara of Mahavishnu. Vyasa only authored Mahabharata.

When Kuru-Vamsha came to a crisis of not having a successor, Satyavati asked Vyasa to impregnate the widows of her son Vichitravirya. Thus Ambika gave birth to Dhritarashtra, and Ambalika gave birth to Pandu.

Satyavati’s father was King Vasu of Chedi and her mother an apsara called Adrika who had turned into fish because of a curse. She was brought up by a fishermen chief called Dasharaja.

Satyavati was an incarnation of a divine being called Acchoda who lived in the world of the forefathers.


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 Satyavati's Secret


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