Family Unity: A Mantra to Foster Togetherness and Strengthen Bonds



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ॐ रां रामाय नमः। ॐ लं लक्ष्मणाय नमः। ॐ भं भरताय। ॐ शं शत्रुघ्नाय नमः।
om raam raamaaya namah'. om lam lakshmanaaya namah'. om bham bharataaya. om sham shatrughnaaya namah'.

Discover the power of this family unity mantra, that fosters togetherness and strengthen bonds. By regularly listening to this calming and inspiring mantra, you can create a peaceful and harmonious environment in your home. It encourages open communication, mutual respect, and deeper connections among family members. Experience reduced stress and increased understanding, as well as a greater sense of belonging and support. Embrace this daily practice to cultivate love, unity, and resilience in your family, ensuring lasting relationships and a nurturing atmosphere for everyone.

What is Sage Shandilya's view on bhakti?

According to Narada-bhakti-sutra.18, Sage Shandilya identifies Atman with Bhagavan. Uninterrupted absorption in the bliss of one's own Atman is supreme devotion towards Bhagavan.

Who wrote Garbha Upanishad?

Pippalada Maharshi. Garbha Upanishad is associated with Krishna Yajurveda.


Other than Karthikeya, which God has used peacock as his vehicle ?



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