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How do you get Brahman?

We perceive the world as many objects and beings different from each other. In Brahman, there is no duality. Brahman is achieved when all dualistic thoughts and perceptions disappear from the mind. This can be attained through the paths of bhakti, jnana, or karma.

What is Matangi the Goddess of?

Matangi is the Devi of Vaksiddhi. With the blessings of Matangi, whatever you say can come true. She gives poetic skills, debating skills, and power to convince. She is prayed to for success in all forms of arts including music and also victory over rivals. Dhanurveda has originated from the parrot which accompanies her.


Which among these places is not famous for Akshaya Vata - Immortal banyan tree?

ॐ नमः सीतापतये रामाय हन हन हुँ फट् ।  Om namah sitapataye ramaya hana hana hum phat .....

ॐ नमः सीतापतये रामाय हन हन हुँ फट् । 

Om namah sitapataye ramaya hana hana hum phat .




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