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Vedadhara's work is highly commendale 🙏 -Subhashini

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Selfless service to humanity is true service to God and the highest form of worship. An endeavour in this direction by Vedhadhara!!! Kudos to all your efforts! 🪔🙏 -User_sfbsve

I feel amazed by your sacred sanskrit chants. -Rutuja R

So impressed by Vedadhara’s mission to reveal the depths of Hindu scriptures! 🙌🏽🌺 -Syona Vardhan

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Who was Bhishma in previous birth?

Bhishma was the incarnation of Dyou, one of the eight Vasus (Ashta Vasus). They were all born on earth due to a curse from Sage Vasishta. Their mother, Ganga drowned seven of them soon after birth to give them relief from the curse. Bhishma lived on.

Why did Vibhishana defect from Ravana to join Rama in the Ramayana?

Vibhishana's opposition to Ravana's actions, particularly the kidnapping of Sita, and his commitment to dharma led him to defect and ally with Rama in the pursuit of righteousness. His defection is an act of moral courage, showing that sometimes it is necessary to take a stand against wrongdoing, regardless of personal cost. This can encourage you to make tough decisions when confronted with ethical dilemmas in your own life.


यम किस दिशा का स्वामी हैं ?

वां वास्तुपुरुषाय नमः । vaam vaastupurushaaya namah' .....

वां वास्तुपुरुषाय नमः ।

vaam vaastupurushaaya namah' .




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