Mantra To Get Blessings Of Universal Guru

Who Is God Brihaspati?

Brihaspati is an important Vedic God often revered to as DevaGuru. He is both the teacher and priest of the Devas. He is a wise counselor to Devas who makes sure justice prevails all the time. He is also seen as the source of spiritual knowledge, guidance, and wisdom. Brihaspati is associated with Planet Jupiter.

How to worship Lord Brihaspati?

You can worship Brihaspati by chanting his mantras and shlokas and also by performing his puja and havan. Donation of yellow clothes and materials such as turmeric, chana dal, jaggery, salt, gold, and yellow sapphire pleases Brihaspati. He is the deity of knowledge. Donating Study Books and educational materials also pleases him. Thursday is his day. You can visit his temples on Thursdays and also wear yellow clothes.


What is Brihaspati the God of?
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