Nama Japa

Nama Japa

In Kanyakubja lived a righteous person called Ajamila.

He came in touch with a prostitute and that changed him completely.

He became so obsessed with her that he abandoned his wife and family.

He borrowed and met the demands of the prostitute.


He turned eighty eight and the time for his death arrived.

By then, he had ten children.

Narayana was the youngest among them.


Yama dootas came to take his life.

When he saw them he got scared and called out loudly to his son - Narayana, Narayana.

Hearing Bhagawan’s name being taken, soldiers of Vishnu came there.

They stopped Yamadutas from taking him away.

Yama dutas told them: this man is a grave sinner.

He should be taken to Yamaloka and punished.

Then only he will be purified.


Vishnu’s soldiers said: that won’t be necessary.

Didn’t you hear him taking Bhagawan’s divine name?

Because of that he is already purified.

He is absolved of all the sins not only of the present birth but a crore of births before this also.

This is the power of nama japa.


Puranas say - 

यस्य स्मृत्या च नामोक्त्या तपोदानक्रियादिषु।

न्यूनं सम्पूर्णतां याति सद्यो वन्दे तमच्युतम्॥

If you take Bhagawan’s name, any shortfall in daana, tapas, and puja will be compensated,


अवशेनापि यन्नाम्नि कीर्तिते सर्वपातकैः।

पुमान् विमुच्यते सद्यः सिंहत्रस्तैर्मृगैरिव॥

Just like how a herd of deer would run away in fear, troubles and problems run away when they hear Bhagawan’s name.

Nama japa is the single solution for all kinds of troubles.

Those who chant his name, Bhagawan considers them as his own.

He protects them.

If you perform nama japa, knowledge will come on its own.

Nama japa is the best way to uproot all your troubles.

Even those who take his name casually or out of contempt have been benefited.

There are instances in the Puranas for this.

Just like how a lamp gets rid of darkness, taking his name even once is enough to remove all troubles. 

Nama japa will make you refrain from doing anything wrong.


Is devotion necessary in nama japa?

A medicine will cure a patient even if he knows nothing about it.

The healing power is in the medicine, not in the knowledge of the patient.

In the same way, the power is in the name, not in the attitude of the chanter.

Nama japa will work even if you don’t have devotion.

Of course, if you have devotion, results will be even better.


Saying all these, soldiers of Bhagawan got Ajamila released.

Ajamila spent the rest of his life worshiping Bhagawan and attained liberation.







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What is likhita japa?

Writing down a mantra or a nama instead of chanting it is called likhita japa. Namatraya astra mantra is very effective if you perform likhita japa instead of oral or mental chanting. People fill out books doing likhita japa and keep them at home as an armor.

Does nama japa require initiation?

Unlike mantra japa, nama japa does not require initiation. You can pick up on your own any of the divine names of Gods and Goddesses and start chanting.


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