Jarasandha Kingdom

Map of Jarasandha's kingdom


The name of Jarasandha’s kingdom was Magadha.

Its capital was Girivraja also known as Rajagrha.

Magadha was spread around the present-day Patna.

It was one among the sixteen Mahajanapadas of ancient India.

Jarasandha inherited his kingdom from his father Brihadratha.

After Jarasandha was killed by Bhima, his son Sahadeva became the king.

Sahadeva participated in the Kurukshetra from the Pandava side.


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Are Brahmavadinis and Rishikas the same?

A Brahmavadi is someone who talks about the eternal knowledge of the Vedas. A Brahmavadini is a female scholar, the feminine gender of Brahmavadi. A Rishi is a male to whom a mantra has been revealed. A Rishika is a female to whom a mantra has been revealed. All Rishikas are Brahmavadinis, but not all Brahmavadinis must be Rishikas.

How much is the distance from Palamaner to Keelapatla?

Distance from Palamaner to Keelapatla is 8 km.


Which mountain had grown its peaks up to the sky and blocked the movement of even Surya and Chandra ?
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