Jarasandha wife name

Bhima kills Jaraasandha


The name of Jarasandha’s wife is not mentioned in Mahabharata or the Puranas.

He had four sons - Sahadeva, Soma, Turya, and Srutasru.

After Jarasandha, Sahadeva became the king.






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What is the meaning of Prithvi?

When dharma declined, Bhumi Devi withdrew everything inside her. King Prithu asked her to return them. Prithu aimed an arrow at her when she refused. Bhumi became a cow and ran away. Prithu chased her. Finally, Bhumi asked Prithu to milk out everything from her. Since Prithu milked her, she became Prithvi.

Where does Ganga river start?

The main river Ganga starts from Devprayag in Uttarakhand. It is a confluence of two rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi. Alakananda originates as the snow on the peaks Nandadevi, Trisul, and Kamet melts. Bhagirathi starts from Gomukh at the base of the Gangotri glacier.


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