Jarasandha birth

Jara Raskshasi


Jarasandha was the king of Magadha during Mahabharata time.

He was killed by Bhima upon the instruction of Krishna in a wrestling fight.

His mysterious birth made Jarasandha very powerful.

Brihadaratha was the father of Jarasandha.

He had two queens but no sons.

A Rishi called Chanda Kaushika blessed him and gave him a mango.

This mango was supposed to be eaten by his queen to conceive.

Brihadratha was impartial.

He gave one-half of the mango to each of his wives.

They both conceived.

But since each one had eaten only half the mango, each delivered half a baby.

That too with no life.

The bodies were abandoned.

One Rakshasi called Jara saw the bodies.

She wanted to take them away for eating later.

She bundled them together.

Suddenly, it became alive.

The infant was very strong and started roaring loudly.

The king and the queens came by hearing the commotion.

They realized what had happened.

Jara gave them the child.

Since he was born when Jara joined the two halves together, the child was named Jarasandha - जरया सन्धा कृता अस्येति जरासन्धः


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Krishna and Jarasandha


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