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What is Horanadu famous for?

Horanadu is famous for Adishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple.

Where is Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple?

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple is in Horanadu village in the Western Ghats, 100 km from Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka.

Full name of Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

Adishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple. 

It is also called Sri Kshetra Horanadu.

On the banks of which river is the Temple?


Who is Annapoorneshwari?

Annapoorneshwari is Devi Parvathy seen as the provider of food for the entire universe.

Story of Annapoorneshwari

Lord Shiva cut the fifth head of Brahma. 

The skull of Brahma’s head stuck to Shiva’s palm. 

As penance for brahmahatya, Shiva had to go around begging alms with that skull. 

He would be relieved of the sin only if he receives bhiksha which can fill the skull. 

After wandering about begging for hundreds of years, Shiva finally realized that his own spouse, Devi Parvathy, provided food for the whole universe. 

He should have asked her for bhiksha. 

He approached Devi and she gave him a skull full (poorna) of food (anna) and Shiva became free of the sin. 

Devi Parvathy became famous as Anaapoorneshwari.

Who performed the pratishtapana of Annapoorneshwari Devi of Horanadu?

Agasthya Maharshi.


The punapratishtapana (Mahakumhabhisheka) of Horanadu Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple was done on the Akshaya Tritiya day in the year 1973 by His Holiness Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahaswamiji of Sringeri Sarada Peetham.

Main festivals

Akshaya Tritiya, Rathotsava, and Navaratri.

Who are Dharmakartharus of Horanadu Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple?

They are the traditional family who are the caretakers of the temple. 

Their dedication and selfless service for the development and upkeep have been widely recognized.


Darshan Timings

6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Mahamangalarati timings

  • Morning: 09: 00 am
  • Afternoon: 01:30 pm,
  • Night : 09:00 pm.

How to reach

By Road

1.Bangalore to Horanadu: Kunigal - Hassan - Belur - Mudigere - Kottigehara - Kalasa - Horanadu - 326 KMs. 

  1. Mangaluru To Horanadu: Mudubidre - Karkala - Bajagoli - Kudremukh - Kalasa - Horanadu - 136 KMs. 

Nearest Railway Stations

  • Shimoga - 136 KMs, 
  • Mangaluru - 136 KMs. 

Nearest Airports

  • Mangaluru Airport - 136 KMs, 
  • Bengaluru Airport - 330 KMs.

Udupi To Horanadu distance

Karkala - Bajagoli - Kudremukh - Kalasa - Horanadu - 118 KMs

Horanadu nearby tourist places

Ambatheertha, Kalasheshwaraswamy Temple, Kyatanamakki Hill Station.



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Knowledge Bank

Horanadu to Sringeri distance

70 KMs. Horanadu - Kalasa - Balehole - Jayapura

Bangalore to Horanadu route

Kunigal - Hassan - Belur - Mudigere - Kottigehara - Kalasa - Horanadu - 326 KMs. Kunigal - Hassan - Belur - Chikamagalur - Balehonur - Kalasa - Horanadu - 346 KMs


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