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Hanumanji Prevented From Serving Sri Ramji




Naraka for those who destroy forests

It is called Asipatravana. In this forest, trees and plants have got swords as their leaves. The sinner is tormented with these swords.

Five kinds of purification in puja

1. Atma Shuddhi - purification of the worshipper. 2. Bimba Shuddhi - purification of the idol. 3. Sthala Shuddhi - purification of the place. 4. Dravya Shuddhi - purification of the articles of worship. 5. Mantra Shuddhi - purification of the mantras used in the worship.


Which peak of Trikuta parvata did Hanumanji land on when he jumped across the sea to Lanka ?


Video - Bajrang Baan 


Bajrang Baan



Video - SundaraKanda from Valmiki Ramayanam 


SundaraKanda from Valmiki Ramayanam







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