Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra symbol


The Nakshatra which spreads from 6 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees of Mithuna Rashi is called Ardra (आर्द्रा). This is the sixth nakshatra in Vedic Astronomy. In Modern Astronomy, Ardra corresponds to Betelgeuse. 


Traits of those born in Ardra Nakshatra are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Eager to make money
  • Ups and downs in life
  • Interesting way of talking
  • Unstable in decisions
  • Obstinate
  • Egoistic
  • Do not get the reputation they deserve
  • Thankless
  • Women prone to bad-mouthing
  • Turbulent marriage
  • Interest in literature
  • Dishonest
  • Shady activities
  • Tendency for drinking 


ॐ रुद्राय नमः

om rudraya namah'


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Ardra Nakshatra Mantra 108 Times | Ardra Nakshatra Devta Mantra | Ardra Nakshatra Vedic Mantra Jaap


Unfavorable Nakshatras

  • Pushya
  • Magha
  • Uttara Phalguni
  • Uttarashada Makara Rashi
  • Sravana
  • Dhanishta Makara Rashi

Those born in Ardra Nakshatra should avoid important events on these days and also avoid partnerships with those belonging to these Nakshatras. 

Health issues

Those born in Ardra Nakshatra are prone to these health issues:

  • Throat problems
  • Swelling in the neck
  • Asthma
  • Dry cough
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Ear diseases
  • Thyroid problems 

Suitable career

They will maintain good relationships at work. Dubious activities can land them in trouble.

Some of the suitable careers for those born in Ardra Nakshatra are:

  • Business
  • Books
  • Courier
  • Postal service
  • Writing
  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • Tour operator
  • Transport
  • Research
  • Design and development
  • Medicine
  • Physicist
  • Mathematician
  • Astrologer
  • Graphology
  • Industrial labor
  • Artisan
  • Police
  • Defense
  • Magic
  • Tantrik 

Can Ardra Nakshatra wear diamond?

Yes. Diamond is favorable. 

Lucky stone

Gomed (Hessonite) 

Favorable colors

Black, dark blue 

Names for Ardra Nakshatra

The starting letter of the name as per Avakahadadi system for Ardra Nakshatra is:

  • First pada/charana - कू (Ku)
  • Second pada/charana - घ (Gha)
  • Third pada/charana - ङ (Nga)
  • Fourth pada/charana - छ (Chha)

These letters can be used for the traditional Nakshatra name kept at the time of the naming ceremony.

In some communities, the names of the grandparents are kept during the naming ceremony. There is no harm in following that system.

Shastra prescribes that the official name kept for records and all practical purposes should be different from this. It is called Vyavaharika nama. The Nakshatra name as per the above system should be known only to close family members.

Letters that you should avoid in the official name for those born in Ardra Nakshatra are - च, छ, ज, झ, त, थ, द, ध, न, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ष (Cha, Chha, Ja, Jha, Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na, U, Oo, Ri', Sha) 


Those born in Ardra Nakshatra have to take care not to be dishonest to their spouse. 


Periods of Surya, Sani, and Ketu are generally unfavorable for those born in Ardra Nakshatra. They may perform the following remedies.

Ardra Nakshatra

  • Lord - Rudra
  • Ruling planet - Rahu
  • Animal - Female dog
  • Tree - Diospyros candolleana
  • Bird - Crow pheasant (Centropus sinensis)
  • Bhuta - Jalam
  • Gana - Manushya
  • Yoni - Dog (Female)
  • Nadi - Adya
  • Symbol - Diamond


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