Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar


Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar was an Odia poet of the 18th century.

Birth: 1757

Demise: 1807

Wife: Vimala Devi

He was born in the Cuttack district of Odisha.

His ancestors were the rulers of the place.

Sadananda Brahma was his preceptor in poetry.

Tankadhara Nayak, a famous Sanskrit poet also played a major role in the shaping of his poetic skills.

The early death of Abhimanyu’s wife imparted a tone of melancholy to his poetry.


Major works

  • Bidagdha Chintamani - about the love of Radha and Krishna.
  • Sulakshana - about the love of Samba and Sulakshana.
  • Premachintamani
  • Premakala

His Chautisas and Jananas are popular devotional songs.

His unfulfilled desire was to spend his last days in Vrindavan.


Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar

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