Abhichara are rituals performed to bring harm to others commonly known as black magic.


They are mainly of six types -

  1. Vashikarana - to bring someone under control
  2. Stambhana - to disrupt someone’s activities
  3. Mohana - to cause mental instability
  4. Vidveshana - to cause enmity between people
  5. Ucchatana - to dislocate someone
  6. Marana - to cause someone’s death

Abhichara is done by invoking ferocious powers.


Some of the practices are -

  • Planting yantra at the enemy’s place
  • Performing Homa
  • Animal sacrifice
  • Giving poisonous substance
  • Causing harm to an idol representing the enemy
  • Rituals done on the cremation ground

Causing harm by such means is illegal.




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