Who was Karna in his previous birth and Who was Arjuna in his previous birth?

karna gets killed

Who was Karna in his previous birth?

Karna was an incarnation of Surya Deva. Evil had increased beyond the limit on earth. Bhumi Devi went to Brahma and complained that she could not bear the load. In fact, the Asuras who were evicted from Swarga had incarnated on earth and were creating trouble. Brahma asked the Devas also to incarnate on earth and destroy them. This could happen only if a war took place. Brahma asked Surya to incarnate as Kunti's son, Karna. Karna's friendship and support would give Duryodhana to get into conflict with the Pandavas.

Who was Arjuna in his previous birth?

Arjuna was an incarnation of Indra through the womb of Kunti. His incarnation along with those of other Devas was to put the power of evil under check which was flourishing at that time in the form of wicked and cruel rulers.

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