Who Should Chant Omkara And Who Should Chant Panchakshara?

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We have seen why ॐ is called Pranava.

Both ॐ and नमःशिवाय (Panchakshara) are Pranavas.

They both achieve the same goal.

ॐ is called Sukshma Pranava (सूक्ष्म प्रणव) - subtle.

Namah Shivaya is called Sthula Pranava (स्थूल प्रणव) - gross.

Sukshma Pranava (ॐ)

ॐ has two variations.

1.Hrasva (ह्रस्व) - This is made up of three components:

Akara (अ) + Ukara (उ) + Makara (म).

This is the normal Omkara we hear.

Akara - Shiva.

Ukara - Shakti.

Makara - Shiva, and Shakti combined.

2.Deergha (दीर्घ) - This has got eight components:

Akara (अ) + Ukara (उ) + Makara (म) + Bindu (बिन्दु) + Nada (नाद) + Shabda (शब्द) + Kalaa (कला) + Kaala (काल).

The additional five components are experienced by Yogis.

This can be experienced only in an elevated state of awareness.

An ordinary man just listens to music and enjoys it.

A musician is aware of the notes, Raga (राग), Taal (ताल), etc.

It is like this.

ह्रस्वमेव प्रवृत्तानां निवृत्तानां तु दीर्घकम्

Sthula Pranava (नमः शिवाय)

The five letters of the Panchakshara Mantra represent the five elements and the five senses.

Who should chant which mantra?

  • Stage 1 (beginner) - Shivaya Namaha (शिवाय नमः)
  • Stage 2 - Namah Shivaya (नमः शिवाय) - when worldly desires are less.
  • Stage 3 - Om Namah Shivaya (ॐ नमः शिवाय) - worldly desires are bare minimum.
  • Stage 4 - Hrasva Omkara - when there are no more worldly desires.
  • Stage 5 - Deergha Omkara - when there is not even a goal in life. You are just waiting to merge into Shiva.

प्रवृत्तानां च मिश्राणां स्थूलप्रणवमिष्यते

Result of chanting Pranava

  • 9 crore times - you become pure.
  • 18 crore times - you can control the earth element. Controlling the earth element here means, you can move about and manifest solid objects merely by wishing so.
  • 27 crore times - you can control the water element; you can cause rains, stop rains, cause a flood, etc.
  • 36 crore times - you can control the fire element; you can cause and extinguish fire.
  • 45 crore times - you can control the air element; you can cause a storm, stop a storm.
  • 54 crore times -  you can control the akasha element; you can create and collapse space.
  • 63 crore times - you can control sound.
  • 72 crore times - you can control touch.
  • 81 crore times - you can control vision (of everyone).
  • 90 crore times - you can control taste; you can make sugar taste bitter.
  • 99 crore times - you can control smell.
  • 108 crore times - you can control ahamkara.

It is the ahamkara tattwa which creates the world.

Once ahamkara is conquered, you can control the entire world.

When you control the world, it can not bind you anymore.

You can move towards union with Shiva.



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