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What Destiny Means

You may have wondered whether destiny really exists. Yoga Vasishta tells us what destiny really is. Listen to this audio to learn more.



Jai sri man narayan this website is simply great dhanyawad -Krishan Prasad

Beautiful and crisp and thought-provoking talk. Thanks Guruji.💐 -Gautam Mohan

Guruji's explanations are invaluable. This site is not getting the attention it deserves.❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 -Neha

Proud to suport such a noble cause with Vedadhara 👏 -Dr Bhuvanendran

very detailed explanation sir, thank you 🙏❤️💯 -Sandesh

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What Destiny Means

Destiny is the result of your own past karma. Whatever you do, good or bad, you have to undergo its result. You can not escape from it.


Who controls destiny?

You can not control the result once something is done. You can do good deeds for a good future, and refrain from bad deeds to avert trouble.

Destiny is sure to happen. Time controls when it happens.

Destiny awaits to happen means it is only a matter of time before you get the result of what you do.


How does Yoga Vasishta depict Time and Destiny?

As a dancing couple. They dance in synchrony from creation to elimination without taking a break by giving to beings the results of their karma.


Destiny in Sanskrit

The Sanskrit term used by Yoga Vasishta for destiny in Niyati (नियतिः). Niyati means - नियम्यते अनेन - that with which the world is controlled. Another word is दैवम् - जन्मान्तरकृतं कर्म तद्दैवमिति कथ्यते।. It means that your own karma from the previous births becomes your destiny.

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Why are the Rishis asking for the essence of all Shastras?

Kaliyuga was approaching. In Kaliyuga people will be less intelligent. They will not have the capacity to differentiate between right and wrong. They will become cruel. They will not be interested in the Supreme truth. They will be only concerned about their own gains and physical pleasures. Their lifespan will be less. Nobody will have the time and interest to learn all the Shastras. If the essence of the Shastras is given to them, then there is a chance that they might use it for their own benefit.

What is the relationship between Devi and Sanskrit alphabets?

The body of Devi is made up of Sanskrit alphabets. When Mahadeva was moving around with Devi's body after she self-immolated, Vishnu cut her body into fifty-one pieces with Sudarshana chakra. The number 51 corresponds to the number of alphabets in Sanskrit. The places where they fell are the Shakti peethas.


Lord Ganesha's vehicle Mooshaka was earlier a ..............
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