Vimala Temple - Shakti Peeth, Puri

Vimala Temple, Puri

Where is Vimala temple?

Vimala temple is inside the Puri Jagannath temple complex on the South-West side.


What is the significance of Vimala Devi?

  • In the Tantrik system, Jagannath is Bhairva and Vimala Devi is his Bhairavi.
  • She is the presiding Goddess of Govardhan Mutt, Puri.
  • Bhog offered to Jagannatha is offered after that (ucchishta) to Vimala Devi. Then only it becomes eligible to be distributed to devotees as Mahaprasad.
  • Vimala Devi is to be worshiped first before entering the main shrine.


Is Vimala Devi temple a shakti pitha?

Yes. Vimala Devi temple is one among the 4 shakti pithas called Adi pithas. It is known as pada khanda because Sati Devi’s feet fell here.


Why Jagannath’s ucchishta is offered to Vimala Devi?

After eating food, its remnants are called ucchishta. Eating or even touching somebody else’s ucchishta is forbidden. But if it is ucchishta of divinities, then it becomes prasad. Once, Lord Shiva went to Vaikuntha. Lord Vishnu had just finished taking food. A few grains of cooked rice had fallen down. Shiva quickly picked them up and swallowed them as prasad. A half grain stuck to his beard. On the way back, Sage Narada saw it, took it, and swallowed it. When Parvathy Devi came to know about this, she went and complained to Lord Vishnu that she was not given her due share. Vishnu pacified her saying that she will be there by his side at Puri during Kaliyuga. Bhog offered to Jagannath will be offered to her immediately after that.


What devotees say -

  • It was a divine experience.
  • Vimala Temple is a nice and attractive temple.
  • Feeling a peaceful environment and clean air.
  • The main idol of the Goddess is very attractive.
  • It is a  really amazing and beautiful holy temple.
  • A very pious temple. Nicely maintained.
  • Maa is beautiful. Sindur and bangles are given if we offer Rs.20.
  • Do not forget to visit this holy shrine when you are at Jagannath Temple, Puri.


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Whose incarnation was Bhishma?

Bhishma was incarnation of one among the Ashta-Vasus.

What are the practices of Sanatana Dharma?

The practices of Sanatana Dharma vary widely, but some common practices include: 1. Puja, the worship of a deity or deities. 2. Meditation, the practice of focusing the mind on a single point. 3. Yoga, a system of physical and mental exercises. 4. Karma yoga, the practice of selfless service. 5. Jnana yoga, the path of knowledge.


Who are the guards of Surya Deva ?
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