Vasantha Panchami

saraswati devi

Panchami tithi of the Shukla paksha of the lunar month Magha is called Vasantha Panchami.

Saraswati Devi is worshiped on Vasantha Panchami.

This is one of the most auspicious days for vidyarambha.

It is also celebrated as Kamotsava.


Why is Vasantha Panchami celebrated?

Brahma was creating the world.

He found that there was lethargy all around.

All the living beings he created were sitting silently without enthusiasm.

Brahma took water from his spot, sprinkled it, and created a Devi.

She had four hands.

She was holding veenas in two of them.

In the other two hands, she was holding a book and a rosary.

Brahma named her Saraswati.

She started playing veena.

Upon hearing the music, all the living beings became merry and enthusiastic.

This incident occurred on the Shukla paksha panchami of Magha.

This is the day of manifestation of Devi Saraswati.

That’s why she is worshiped on this day.

Saraswati Devi blesses with knowledge, intelligence, and speech.

Meaning of Vasantha Panchami

Vasantha Ritu (spring season) starts from the Shukla paksha panchami tithi of Magha masa.

That’s why it is called Vasantha Panchami. 


How to perform Vasantha Panchami puja

Decorate the photo of Devi Saraswati.

Take sankalpa of the puja.

First perform pujas of Ganesha, Surya, Agni, Vishnu, Shiva, and Parvathy.

Then perform puja of Saraswati in the usual way using chandana, flowers, agarbatti, lamp, naivedya, and tamboola.


Favourite flowers of Saraswati Devi

All white flowers such as jasmine are dear to Saraswati.


Favourite fruits

Bananas, vilwa fruit, berries, all seasonal fruits, and all light colored fruits.


Favorite food (naivedya)

Rice, payasam (kheer), sweets made in ghee, snacks fried in ghee, til laddu, tender coconut, milk, curd, butter, sugar, jaggery, sugar cane juice, radish, ginger, etc.


How to meditate upon Saraswati

You should meditate upon her as -

  • of fair complexion
  • very pretty with a smiling face
  • wearing beautiful clothes
  • holding a veena in one hand and a book in the other
  • wearing invaluable ornaments
  • being worshiped by Devas and Rishis


Moola mantra of Saraswati


श्रीं ह्रीं सरस्वत्यै स्वाहा

shrim hrim sarasvatyai svaha


Perform archana with these 108 names - 


Om sarasvatyai namah .

Om mahabhadrayai namah .

Om mahamayayai namah .

Om varapradayai namah .

Om shripradayai namah .

Om padmanilayayai namah .

Om padmakshyai namah .

Om padmavaktrayai namah .

Om shivanujayai namah .

Om pustakabhrite namah . 10

Om jnyanamudrayai namah .

Om ramayai namah .

Om parayai namah .

Om kamarupayai namah .

Om mahavidyayai namah .

Om mahapataka nashinyai namah .

Om mahashrayayai namah .

Om malinyai namah .

Om mahabhogayai namah .

Om mahabhujayai namah . 20

Om mahabhagayai namah .

Om mahotsahayai namah .

Om divyangayai namah .

Om suravanditayai namah .

Om mahakalyai namah .

Om mahapashayai namah .

Om mahakarayai namah .

Om mahankushayai namah .

Om pitayai namah .

Om vimalayai namah . 30

Om vishvayai namah .

Om vidyunmalayai namah .

Om vaishnavyai namah .

Om chandrikayai namah .

Om chandravadanayai namah .

Om chandralekhavibhushitayai namah .

Om savitryai namah .

Om surasayai namah .

Om devyai namah .

Om divyalankarabhushitayai namah . 40

Om vagdevyai namah .

Om vasudhayai namah .

Om tivrayai namah .

Om mahabhadrayai namah .

Om mahabalayai namah .

Om bhogadayai namah .

Om bharatyai namah .

Om bhamayai namah .

Om govindayai namah .

Om gomatyai namah . 50

Om shivayai namah .

Om jatilayai namah .

Om vindhyavasayai namah .

Om vindhyachalavirajitayai namah .

Om chandikayai namah .

Om vaishnavyai namah .

Om brahmayai namah .

Om brahmajnyanaikasadhanayai namah .

Om saudaminyai namah .

Om sudhamurtyai namah . 60

Om subhadrayai namah .

Om surapujitayai namah .

Om suvasinyai namah .

Om sunasayai namah .

Om vinidrayai namah .

Om padmalochanayai namah .

Om vidyarupayai namah .

Om vishalakshyai namah .

Om brahmajayayai namah .

Om mahaphalayai namah . 70

Om trayimurtyai namah .

Om trikalajnyayai namah .

Om trigunayai namah .

Om shastrarupinyai namah .

Om shumbhasurapramathinyai namah .

Om shubhadayai namah .

Om svaratmikayai namah .

Om raktabijanihantryai namah .

Om chamundayai namah .

Om ambikayai namah . 80

Om mundakayapraharanayai namah .

Om dhumralochanamardanayai namah .

Om sarvadevastutayai namah .

Om saumyayai namah .

Om surasura namaskritayai namah .

Om kalaratryai namah .

Om kaladharayai namah .

Om rupasaubhagyadayinyai namah .

Om vagdevyai namah .

Om vararohayai namah . 90

Om varahyai namah .

Om varijasanayai namah .

Om chitrambarayai namah .

Om chitragandhayai namah .

Om chitramalyavibhushitayai namah .

Om kantayai namah .

Om kamapradayai namah .

Om vandyayai namah .

Om vidyadharasupujitayai namah .

Om shvetananayai namah . 100

Om nilabhujayai namah .

Om chaturvargaphalapradayai namah .

Om chaturanana samrajyayai namah .

Om raktamadhyayai namah .

Om niranjanayai namah .

Om hamsasanayai namah .

Om nilajanghayai namah .

Om brahmavishnushivatmikayai namah . 108


Perform pradakshina and namaskara.



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Is Vasant Panchami auspicious?

Vasant Panchami is a very auspicious day particularly for vidyarambha.

Which bird is the pet of Goddess Saraswati?

Swan is the pet bird and vehicle of Goddess Saraswati.


Which season is Vasantha ritu?
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