Shri Rama: Dependable and Trustworthy God

Shri Rama’s virtues, compassion, and power, illuminate our path towards liberation and divine refuge.

Shri Rama: Dependable and Trustworthy God

In the grand epic of the Ramayana, Lord Shri Rama and his loyal companions faced a mighty challenge - they needed to cross the vast ocean to reach the land of Lanka. Shri Rama called out to the Sea Deity. But why did he ask the sea for help?

Shri Rama believed that the Sea Deity, who ruled the waters, could provide a safe passage for his army. However, despite Shri Rama’s plea, the sea remained silent and turbulent, showing that not all beings have the power to grant such a profound request. This moment teaches us that true help and refuge can only come from those with the right virtues.

What Makes Shri Rama a Perfect Guide for Sharanagati?

Sharanagati, the act of complete surrender, is a sacred path to liberation. But to whom should one surrender? Let’s see how Shri Rama embodies the ideal qualities for Sharanagati.

Compassion (Vatsalya): Shri Rama is deeply compassionate. He sees beyond people’s mistakes and embraces them with unconditional support. Once, he said, 'I will not forsake someone who approaches me with the sentiment of friendship, even if they have faults.' This means that Shri Rama values a person’s intent to be good more than their errors, showing his ability to see goodness in everyone.

Sociability (Sausheelya): Shri Rama is kind and friendly to everyone, no matter who they are. In the city of Ayodhya, he cared for his people as if they were his own family. Whether returning from battles or meeting his subjects, he always asked about their well-being, sharing in their joys and sorrows. This shows that Shri Rama sees everyone as equals and friends.

Accessibility (Saulabhya): Shri Rama is always approachable and ready to listen to anyone who seeks his help. His open nature means that anyone can come to him, knowing they will be welcomed and supported. This makes him a guiding light for those in need.

Knowledge (Jnana): Shri Rama is wise and learned in sacred texts and principles. His understanding of right and wrong, combined with his knowledge of the Vedas, makes him a beacon of wisdom. This wisdom helps him guide others on their spiritual journey.

Power (Shakti): Shri Rama’s strength is not just in his physical might but in his ability to protect and liberate those in need. From saving the virtuous Ahalya to granting peace to the noble bird Jatayu, Shri Rama’s power brings comfort and security to those who seek his refuge.

How Do Shri Rama’s Virtues Guide Us?

Shri Rama’s virtues - compassion, sociability, accessibility, knowledge, and power - teach us what true leadership means. He shows that a Devata  must be kind, approachable, wise, and strong. These qualities make Shri Rama the perfect figure for Sharanagati, guiding us to trust and surrender to a higher power.

His story also teaches us about human leadership. Just like Shri Rama, effective leaders must be empathetic, accessible, knowledgeable, and strong to support their communities and create harmony.

What Can We Learn from Shri Rama’s Example?

By understanding Shri Rama’s virtues, we learn that true refuge and guidance come from those who embody these qualities. His life in the Ramayana shows us how to live with compassion, wisdom, and strength. Following his example can help us face challenges, stay connected to a higher purpose, and fulfill our duties with devotion and integrity.

Shri Rama’s legacy continues to inspire us, offering timeless lessons on the importance of virtuous principles in achieving spiritual fulfillment and righteous conduct.


In summary, the story of Shri Rama and the Sea Deity highlights the significance of surrendering to a truly virtuous and capable being. Shri Rama’s compassion, sociability, accessibility, knowledge, and power make him the ideal guide for those seeking liberation and peace. His example provides us with valuable lessons on effective leadership and the path to spiritual fulfillment, encouraging us to cultivate these virtues in our own lives.




Incredible revelation on Shri Rama’s virtues. His compassion and strength lead us to freedom! 🙌 -User_sfj5zl

Wow! truly enlightening! 🙏✨" -kavita

By reading above the faith in GOD to bless us at all times improves. It also shows to youngsters how an ideal Manager or Leader to be. -T.S.Balasubramanian

With my meger understanding I could learn that Shri Ram was in absolute possession of different qualities but how that helped him to tame the sea diety? -ADWAIT VIVEK POTNIS

Vedadhara's teachings are both simpl and precise, good job -Sreshta Iyengar

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