Neelakantha Mantra For Protection



So impressed by Vedadhara’s mission to reveal the depths of Hindu scriptures! 🙌🏽🌺 -Syona Vardhan

Listening to your mantras has become a ritual for me. 🕉️ -Abhinav

Good mantra, feeling its energy! ✨🙏 -Rushil

🙏🙇🏼‍♀️🌷 -User_se15zf

Excellent! 🌟✨👍 -Raghav Basit

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What are female Rishis called?

Female rishis are called Rishikas.

Which are the famous works of Sant Dnyaneshwar?

Commentary on Bhagavad Gita called Dnyaneshwari or Jnaneshwari , and Amritanubhava about his own experiences in adhyatma.


Which subject are Pratishakhya texts connected with ?
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