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Seek blessings from Vidya Ganapathy for academic excellence, retention, creative inspiration, focus, and spiritual enlightenment.

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Baladevi Mantra for Intellectual Power



❤️ this website❤️❤️ -Prema Menon

Your mantras bring peace in my hectic day. Truly grateful. 💖 -Avaneesh Gautam

Awesome! 😎🌟 -Mohit Shimpi

Vedhdhara, I am highly impressed by the social service your institution has been rendering. -Mthun Tadani

East or west Vedadhara is the best -Madhusudan Reddy

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Knowledge Bank

What are the notable works of Tirumangai Alvar?

His notable works include the Periya Tirumoli, Siriya Tirumaḍal, and Periya Tirumaḍal, which collectively offer a vivid portrayal of his spiritual journey and devotion to Perumal.

Vedic Nugget

As rivers, flowing down, become indistinguishable on reaching the sea, so also, merging in the Supreme, all beings lose their individuality. This is the highest state of Man. - Mundakopanishad


Who among the Vanara Sena was responsible for building of Sethu across the sea to Lanka ?

ऐं क्लीं सौः सौः क्लीं ऐं aim kleem sauh' sauh' kleem aim....

ऐं क्लीं सौः सौः क्लीं ऐं

aim kleem sauh' sauh' kleem aim




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