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Mantra for Powerful Oratory Skills



Brilliant! -Abhilasha

Absolutely amazing mantra! 😍🌟🙏 -user_juy7

This mantra is fantastic! 🌟🙏 -Ayushi Patil

मंत्र सुनते सुनते आत्मा को आनंद मिला 🌞 -सुयश मित्र

Your mantras bring peace in my hectic day. Truly grateful. 💖 -Avaneesh Gautam

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Knowledge Bank

What is cosmic dissolution?

The duration of a Kalpa is 4.32 billion years. At the end of the Kalpa, a pralaya called Braahma-pralaya occurs. This is also called Naimittika pralaya or cosmic dissolution. In this pralaya, the three worlds- Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, and Swarloka are completely destroyed. The occupants of Maharloka shift to Jana-Loka and live there till the beginning of the next Kalpa. At the beginning of the next Kalpa, the universe is created from Maharloka downwards. Padma Purana.Srishti Khanda.

Why is Vasudeva significant in Chaturatma?

Vasudeva represents the supreme aspect of Vishnu, associated with Krishna, symbolizing the all-pervading essence and highest reality in Vaishnavism.


Which subject is the book Brihatsamhita related to ?

ॐ ऐं वाचस्पते अमृतप्लुवः प्लुः । om aim vaachaspate amri'tapluvah' pluh' .....

ॐ ऐं वाचस्पते अमृतप्लुवः प्लुः ।

om aim vaachaspate amri'tapluvah' pluh' .




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