Power of faith

Discover the power of faith with this story. Learn how faith can work wonders in our lives. Listen to the audio above.


A learned scholar lived in a village.

People used to gather outside his house to listen him talk.

One day, he was giving a discourse on the power of Omakra mantra.

He said that with enough dedication and faith, you can even achieve the impossible - like walking on water - simply by chanting Omkara.

A group of milkmaids from the nearby village were passing by on their way back home after selling milk.

They became curious when they overheard this.

To get to their village, they had to cross a river by taking a boat.

They took the scholar’s claim for a fact.

Why should they ever suspect him?

He is a scholar, he knows everything.

Then why to spend money unnecessarily for the boat?

They just started walking on the water chanting Omkara and crossed the river.

It worked.

Thereafter they never paid for the boat.

They were quite thankful to the scholar for all the money they saved.

One day, to express their gratitude, the milkmaids invited the scholar to their village for a grand feast.

He went with them.

On the way, the river came.

The scholar walked towards the boat.

The women said, “no Sir, we can just cross by walking on water as you told by chanting Om, Om, Om”

“No need for any boat”.

The women just chanted Omkara and started walking on water.

The scholar was completely shocked and couldn't say a word.

“How is that possible? Will I be able to do that? It’s risky.”

The women called out to him, “Sir, come over. We have been doing this every day.”

He was not sure.

He called some villagers and told them to tie a rope around his waist.

If he ever started sinking, they should pull him out and save him.

That's exactly what happened. He started to sink.

They pulled him out.

The person who gave a sermon about the power of Omkara didn't believe it himself.

And the uneducated milkmaids who just trusted him, it worked for them.

The power of faith is incredible and it can truly make miracles happen.


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