Padmavathi Mantra for prosperity



Thank you Sir .. just the perfect one for me -Ravi Vellore

Great ❤️❤️ really calms the mind. I do this at brahma muhurta. -Payal Badoni

😇feeling blessed -Ramesh Sunkada

Happy to support Vedadhara in this charitable work 😇 -Krishnaa Dodke

Praying for Health wealth and peace -Bhavesh Mahendra Dave

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How is listening important in Karma-marga?

Karma-marga is based on the Vedas. Vedas are always taught orally, by listening. Books are not used for teaching Vedas.

Who is the son of Veda Vyasa?



How many holy rivers are famous in India?

ह्रीं पद्मावति स्वाहा hreem padmaavati svaahaa....

ह्रीं पद्मावति स्वाहा

hreem padmaavati svaahaa

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