Meaning Of Purusha Suktam

The Purusha Sukta


सहस्रशीर्षा पुरुषः सहस्राक्षःसहस्रपात् ।

सभूमिं विश्वतो वृत्त्वात्यतिष्ठद्दशाङ्गुलम् ॥ 


The Supreme Being hath a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet; pervading the Universe on all sides, He lay beyond it to the extent of ten inches.


The whole Universe of existing things animate as well as inanimate is regarded as the body of Purusha - the Supreme Being. Hence the eyes of all living beings are His; their heads, His heads; their feet, His feet. He is thus spoken of as having a thousand eyes, etc. Thousand is here used for Countless by what is called Upalakshana. Upalakshana is defined as the implication of something not expressed, in addition to that which has been expressed. Dashangulam is also used here by way of Upalakshana. All that is meant is that the Supreme Being is something over and above this Universe, which forms only a part of Him.


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