Lizard Falling Omens: Their Effects and Meanings

Explore lizard falling omens: from wealth signs to warnings of health, conflict, and success

lizard omen

Effects of a Lizard Falling on various organs - 

  • If it falls on the head: Conflict or enmity may arise.
  • If it falls on the face: Meeting with relatives.
  • If it falls on the eyebrows: You will receive help from kings or authorities.
  • If it falls on the upper lip: Loss of possessions and failure.
  • If it falls on the lower lip: Financial gain.
  • If it falls on the nose: Indicates illness or misfortune.
  • If it falls on the right ear: You will live a long life.
  • If it falls on the left ear: Indicates monetary gain from trade.
  • If it falls on the eye: Indicates troubler due to adverse planetary positions.
  • If it falls on the chin: A sign of disturbance from rulers or people of authority.
  • If it falls on the mouth: Fear or anxiety will arise.
  • If it falls on the neck: Enemies will be destroyed; it brings comfort.
  • If it falls on the right shoulder: Good health and happiness are predicted.
  • If it falls on the left shoulder: You will indulge in pleasures.
  • If it falls on the right wrist: Indicates disaster.
  • If it falls on the left wrist: You will gain fame.
  • If it falls on the breasts: It denotes commitment of sin.
  • If it falls on the stomach: Indicates prosperity and gain of grains.
  • If it falls on the chest: Indicates financial gain and success.
  • If it falls on the navel: Brings prosperity and success.
  • If it falls on the knee: Health and comfort without obstacles.
  • If it falls on the feet: A sign of safe and prosperous travel.




Like lizard falling would like to know about crow 🐦‍⬛ -User_sfiwm6

This information was so new to me we only feared the lizards but our grandparents used to ask us to wash our legs and face and bow to God this was a new thing we learnt thank you Guruji🙏 -User_sfl1dv

Guruji's authority on Hindu scriptures is powerful and inspiring, thnks a lot 🙏 -Vinod Kedia

Shastanga dandavata to all gurus and saints of vedadhara..shree Vishnu bless you always -User_se15pg

Vedadhara's contribution to the future of Sanatan Dharma is priceless 🙏 -Prof Vidyadhar

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