Glory of Shani Bhagavan

Discover the Power of Shani Dev's Story! Alleviate Saturn's Difficult Times by Listening to this.



Thank you Shani Bhagavan for this....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 -Vinit Kumar

I listen to this every Saturday... Thanks -Mohini M Nair

The story revered by many Maharashtrians as "शनिमहात्म्य" 🙏💫😇 -User_selutf

It is your blessing that I heard this and learnt the Glory of Shani Bhagwan. शनी भगवान की जय हो -User_sen2ox

Appreciate the kind work you are doing. Pranaam. Very interesting insights -Narayan D

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How to attain oneness with God?

You must surrender your body, mind, and ego completely to God in order to achieve oneness with him. In the state of oneness, the devotee realizes that God alone is acting through him.

Some vahanas in temple festivals

Vahanas or vehicles are used for taking out processions during festivals in temples. Some of them are - Surya Mandala, Chandra Mandala, Simha, Ashwa, Gaja, Hamsa, Garuda, Mayura, Hanuman, Nandi, Kalpavriksha, Meru, Pushpa Mandapa, Anantha, Andolika, and Brahma Ratha.


Which homa is good for peace and good relations in the family?
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