Gaining and Safeguarding Properties - Bhuvaraha Mantra

Powerful Mantra to gain and protect properties



My neighbour has filed false case on me. Please protect my propertu🙏🙏🙏🙏 -Muralidharan Nair

Oh wow. Just got to knew that varaha deva is god of earth and land. this mantra will help property investers to grow their businesss. -Anupriya Agarwal

The work Vedadhara is doing for Hinduism's future is inspiring -Durga Devi

Wow... Thank you so much to the makers . -Dipshika Das

Never knew such a great website existing -Remya Ramakrishna

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Who was Adhira?

Adhira was a king who became an evil spirit after his death. He had given death sentence to an innocent woman and destroyed a Shiva Temple. These were the offences because of which he had to become an evil spirit and suffer. He worshiped Lord Shiva and begged for his pardon. The Lord gave him relief and made him his own attendant. ( Padma Purana. Pathala Khanda. Chapter 111 )

Brihaspati and Vishwakarma

Aangirasi is Brihaspati's sister. Vishwakarma is her son.


Who was the father of Sati Devi ?

ॐ भूवराहाय नमः om bhoovaraahaaya namah'....

ॐ भूवराहाय नमः

om bhoovaraahaaya namah'

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