Dhumavati Mantra



Glorious! 🌟✨ -user_tyi8

मंत्र सुनकर बहुत अच्छा लगा 🎶 -रुद्र

Praying for Health wealth and peace -Bhavesh Mahendra Dave

Selfless service to humanity is true service to God and the highest form of worship. An endeavour in this direction by Vedhadhara!!! Kudos to all your efforts! 🪔🙏 -User_sfbsve

Impressive! 😲🌟👏 -Anjali Iyer

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What exactly is Brahman?

The universe around us is not permanent. Its life span is 4.32 billion years. Like a wave rising up from the sea and then falling back into it, the universe also comes out of Brahman and dissolves back into Brahman. It is a small part of Brahman that becomes the universe. The beginningless, endless and eternal reality is Brahman.

What happens if you tell lies?

If you tell lies, you become a weak person from inside.


He came all the way to fight Sri Rama but finally blessed him and went away. Who was that?

धूं धूं धूमावति स्वाहा dhoom dhoom dhoomaavati svaahaa....

धूं धूं धूमावति स्वाहा

dhoom dhoom dhoomaavati svaahaa

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