Lord Sri Rama installed the idol of Hanuman and Kripacharya installed the idol of Venkateswra Swamy. Learn about this gateway to Tirupati temple located at Kadapa.

Devuni Kadapa Temple

devuni kadapa temple

Where is Devuni Kadapa temple located?

Devuni Kadapa Sri Venkateswara temple is at a distance of 3 km from Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh.


What is behind the name Devuni Kadapa?

Devuni Kadapa is derived from Devuni Gadapa. This temple is considered as Toli Gadapa to Tirupati temple. Those devotees in the Kadapa region visit this temple first before going to Tirupati. They start to experience Venkateswara Swamy’s grace from here. Later it became popular as Devuni Kadapa. Puranas call it Kripavathy Kshetram.


What is the story of Devuni Kadapa temple?

During vana vasa, Sita Devi was abducted by Ravana. Bhagawan Sri Rama was looking for her. He came to this place. With the hope of finding someone to help him, the Lord installed an idol of Hanuman here. Later, in Dwapara yuga, Kripacharya came here on the way to Tirupati. He could not proceed further due to old age. He installed an idol of Venkateswara Swamy in front of Hanuman and worshiped him.


History of Devuni Kadapa temple

From the 14th century onwards, the rulers of Vijayanagara contributed towards the development of the temple. Harihara, Bukkaraya, Saluva Narasimharayulu, and Sri Krishnadevaraya have been Swamy’s devotees. 


Gods at Devuni Kadapa temple

  • Venkateshwara Swamy
  • Padmavati Devi
  • Hanuman
  • Vinayaka Swamy
  • Vishwaksena
  • Goda Devi
  • Chenna Keshava Swamy


Annamayya and Devuni Kadapa temple

Annamayya has visited this temple several times. He has praised Swamy as Kadapa Rayudu - Kadanaku Na Mata Kadaparaya-neku. Kappa moilu meni chaya kadaparaya.


Devuni Kadapa temple timings

  • 6.00 am to 12.00 noon
  • 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm



Brahmotsavam in the month of Magha

Rathotsavam on Ratha Saptami



  • Chennai - 280 km
  • Tirupati - 145 km


Nearest Railway station



Nearest Airports

  • Chennai - 270 km
  • Hyderabad - 400 km
  • Vijayawada - 400 km


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What is the connection between Devuni Kadapa temple and Sir Thomas Munro?

Sir Thomas Munro was the collector of Dattamandala. He renovated the Rajagopuram of Devuni Kadapa temple between 1801 and 1807 CE.

What is special about the lizards at Devuni Kadapa temple?

There are impressions of two lizards on the roof of the mukha mandapa of Ammavari shrine. Sins will be washed off if you touch those lizards.


Who has sung about the glory of Devuni Kadapa Venkateswara Swamy?
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