Batuk Bhairav - The Legend And His Greatness

batuk bhairav

Batuk Bhairav is a powerful God worshipped by many. Explore the legend and greatness of this divine figure and gain a deeper understanding of his importance.


Lord Shiva is called Ekadasha Rudra because he has taken 11 incarnations.

The 5th incarnation is Batuk Bhairav and the 11th is Hanuman.

Batuk Bhairav's incarnation day is known as Bhairav Ashtami.

It is the 8th day of the Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha.


Birth of Batuk Bhairav

Once, all Gods, their Shaktis, and Sages had assembled at Sumeru mountain.

They started discussing who was superior among all of them.

Brahma said that he was superior because he created everything including those present there.

Ritu Deva was a secondary incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

He challenged Brahma.

Ritu Deva said that he was part of Vishnu who is responsible for the maintenance and protection of the world.

So he is the most superior.

Brahma and Ritu Deva started quarreling.

The Sages there decided to look into the Vedas and find the fact.

When they looked into the Vedas, they found that Shiva was the most superior.

Brahma was not impressed with this.

He kept on arguing and started insulting Shiva with his 5th head.

At that time, a brilliant fiery Shiva Linga appeared there.

The brilliance of that Linga covered everyone present there.

A child emerged from that Linga.

Brahma asked, 'Who are you, how dare you come here?'

The child started crying loudly.

Brahma thought that the child must have come from his 5th head.

Brahma told the child, 'You are part of me.'

'So it is your duty to be on my side.'

'You will have the power to create, sustain, and dissolve the world.'

'You will be called Bhairav.'

'You will have the power to destroy even death, so you will be called Kala Bhairav.'

'You will be pleased with your devotees even if they worship you a little bit.'

'You will punish the wicked, so you will be called Amardak Bhairav.'

'You will destroy the sins of your devotees, so you will be called Papa Bhakshak.'


Then Brahma said that he was appointing Batuk Bhairav as the protector of Kashi.

The Lord of Kashi is Shiva.

Batuk Bhairav did not like Brahma interfering in the affairs of Kashi.

He grew up in size and plucked the 5th head of Brahma.

It was with his 5th head that Brahma insulted Shiva and made all these statements.

With this punishment, Brahma's arrogance ended and he started praising Shiva.


Everyone present there extolled Batuk Bhairav.

It is because of his form like a child, he is called Bhairav.


Nature and qualities of Batuk Bhairav

  • The 36 tatwas from which the 118 worlds are born are contained in his body.
  • He is supreme consciousness.
  • He is bliss.
  • Batuk Bhairav is Omkara.
  • He is responsible for creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the world.
  • He gives and protects wealth and property.
  • He nourishes the body.
  • He resides in cremation grounds.
  • He is as brilliant as fire.
  • His bowl is a human skull.
  • He drinks the blood of his enemies.
  • He drinks Soma.
  • The Siddhas serve him.
  • He is the lord of all Yoginis.
  • His form is fearsome.
  • He can destroy death.
  • Batuk Bhairav has 3 eyes.
  • He holds a Trishula and also a sword.
  • He destroys the wealth of enemies.
  • He wears snakes as ornaments.
  • He uses a snake as a noose to bind the wicked.
  • He wears a garland of skulls.
  • He consumes negative energies with the fire coming out of his third eye.
  • He wears human intestines as his yajnopaveeta.
  • He likes offerings given by his devotees.
  • He protects his devotees from misfortunes and calamities.

Which God is Batuk Bhairav?

Batuk Bhairav is the fifth incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Who should worship Batuk Bhairav?

Batuk Bhairav worhip involves Veera sadhana and often visit to cremation grounds. His sadhaka should have absolute control over the senses and mind. It is a very advanced form of sadhana and not meant for beginners.


Where is the famous Batuk Bhairav temple?
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