Ashwini Nakshatra Female




Woman born in Ashwini Nakshatra has a positive outlook on life. She is intelligent and has a cheerful mind. She is also good at making others positive and hopeful about life. She has got an attractive personality. She likes to travel and also makes sure that in addition to enjoyment, some spiritual benefit is also derived from every trip.  She is fond of music, dance, movies, shows, and other forms of performing arts. Dedication to the family is an important characteristic of a woman born in Ashwini. She likes to innovate. You can expect her to experiment with interior decoration, rearrangement of furniture, etc. on an ongoing basis. She loves to help, even strangers. She is bold and can stand up to any situation. She is also quick to act and react.


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Ashwini Nakshatra Mantra 108Times




She can become proud of her capability. Impatience and impulsiveness can lead to bad decisions. Rigid stands can sometimes affect peace. Obsession about always getting the best out of everything can affect the balance of life.


Relationship with husband

She expects long-lasting and deep affection from her husband and can be very demanding about this. The husband will have to continuously go on proving his affection and commitment. Her bold and outspoken nature can sometimes lead to altercations but these are meant for the overall welfare of the family.


Which career to choose

Psychology, counseling, doctor, legal profession, police, defense, business, marketing, broking, aviation, interiors, architecture, music, sports, etc.

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