Vedic Yajnas are very elaborate.

They include Yajnas such as Chaturmasya, Pashu Bandha, Jyotishtoma, Atriratra, etc.

Every Yajna involves the participation of scholars from each branch of the Veda: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda.

Among them, the Yajurvedic scholar is called Adhvaryu.

Meaning of Adhvaryu

अध्वर्य्युः - अध्वरं यज्ञं यौति सम्पादयति

Adhvaryu is in charge of the execution of the Yajna.

The term is derived from अध्वरः (Yajna)

Role of Adhvaryu

Adhvaryu is in charge of various responsibilities such as:

  • Ensuring proper measurements of the Yajna Vedi.
  • Building of the Yajna Vedi.
  • Preparation of the vessels.
  • Fetching firewood.
  • Fetching water.
  • Preparation of offerings.
  • Submitting offerings in Agni.
  • Guiding Yajamana and his wife through the procedure.

He also chants appropriate mantras from the Yajurveda while going about performing his duties.

Adhvaryu has three assistants:

  • Pratiprastata
  • Neshta
  • Unneta

Other purohitas

Purohitas of Yajnas are collectively called Ritwiks.

The other chief Ritwiks are:

  • Hota - Rigveda - Chants mantras while submitting offerings.
  • Udgata - Sings Samaveda.
  • Brahma - Supervises the Yajna.

Brahma should know all the four Vedas.


Earth is hot inside - says Veda

Veda calls the earth Agnivasah (अग्निवासाः). It means that the earth has fire inside and is surrounded by fire from outside which is the heat from the Sun.

Humidity in the atmosphere - Vedic term

Veda calls humidity in the atmosphere Agreguvah (अग्रेगुवः). It is also called Agrepuvah (अग्रेपुवः) since it purifies the atmosphere.


Which branch of Vedic philosophy says that matter is made up of atoms ?
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