Abraham Pandithar

Abraham Pandithar

Abraham Pandithar was a Carnatic musicologist from Tamil Nadu.


Birth: 2, August 1859

Demise: 31, August 1919

Place of birth: Sambavar Vadakarai, Tirunelveli district

Parent: Muttuswamy Nadar, Annammal


Early life


Abraham Pandithar started his career as a teacher.

He came in contact with Karunanda Rishi in 1877.

Rishi taught him Indian Medicine.

Pandithar set up a farm of Medicinal herbs spread over 550 acres and named it Karunandapuram.


Contribution to music


He studied Carnatic music under Dindugal Sadayandi Pattar.

Pandithar’s endeavor was to link Carnatic music to ancient Tamil literature.

In 1907, he wrote Karnamrita Sagara Tirattu.

This book contained 95 compositions and their notations of Pandithar himself.

In 1912, Abraham Pandithar started Sangita Vidya Mahajana Sangam at Thanjavur.

Panchabagesha Bhagavathar, Konerirajapuram Vaidyanatha Iyer, and Hrishikeshanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar were his associates in this organization.

The lecture Abraham Pandithar gave on shrutis at the All India music conference (Baroda, March 1916) gave him fame and appreciation as an authority in Carnatic music.


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