Abhimanyu and Uttara

 Abhimanyu going to battle as his wife Uttra attempts to stop him

Uttara was Abhimanyu's wife in Mahabharata. 

Her father was the king of Virata (Matsya-Desha).


Wedding of Abhimanyu and Uttara

Did you know that in fact, King Virata wanted Arjuna to marry Uttara?

The Pandavas spent their ajnata-vasa (living incognito) of one year at the palace of Virata. 

Arjuna was disguised as Brihannala, a eunuch. 

He used to teach Uttara dancing and music.

At the end of the ajnata-vasa, the Pandavas disclosed their identities. 

At that time Virata requested Arjuna to marry his daughter Uttara.

Arjuna objected saying that it would lead to the fall of the purity of the teacher-student relationship in the eyes of the world. 

He was like a father to her. Instead, Arjuna suggested that Abhimanyu marries Uttara.

King Virata agreed and the wedding of Abhimanyu and Uttara took place.


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Uttara laments at the death of Abhimanyu

By the side of the dead body of her husband with tears rolling down her eyes, Uttara told Krishna:

In power, energy, and skill this hero was equal to you. 

His eyes resembled yours. 

He was as handsome as you.

Now, he is lying here on the ground, lifeless.

Uttara addresses Abhimanyu:

You grew up in luxury. You used to sleep on soft deerskin. 

Don't you feel pain now sleeping here on the ground?

Why don't you speak to me? Whenever you saw me even from a distance, you used to call out to me, lovingly. 

I don't remember having offended you even once. Why won't you speak to me?

Where will you go now, leaving all of us in grief?

How could those maharathas such as Kripa, Karna, Jayadratha, Drona, and Ashwatthama band together and slaughter you brutally? 

You were so young.

How could you be killed in the presence of so many protectors?

How is your father going to live with regret and grief? 

Life must have become a burden for him now.

By performing penance, I will soon join you.

You would have attained the world where great men go. 

There, apsaras would be serving you. 

Remember at times my love and affection towards you.

We have been together only for six months.


Son of Abhimanyu and Uttara

Uttara did not take food for many days after Abhimanyu's death. 

Everyone became concerned about the baby in her womb. 

Sage Vyasa asked her to take care of herself as the son to be born to her was going to be a great Rajarshi. 

Uttara should not grieve for Abhimanyu because he had already attained the Devaloka.

However, Uttara's son was stillborn as he was hit in the womb with Ashwatthama's Brahmashira-Astra.

 Uttara kept on repeating the words of Abhimanyu to her:

You are blessed. 

Our son will live with my uncles, Vrishnis, and Andhakas in Dwaraka. 

He will learn dharma and artha from them. 

He will acquire divine weapons.

Then how could this happen?

Krishna brought back the child to life. 

Parikshit was the son of Abhimanyu and Uttara.




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