Abhang is a Marathi poetic meter.

It is used in devotional poetry and songs.

These songs are also known as Abhangs.

Two meters are prominent in devotional poetry - Abhang, and Ovi.

Both Abhang and Ovi have their roots in the Prakrita meter Shatpadi.

In Abhang, tala is very important.

Abhang is very effective in conveying spiritual thoughts.

Abhang is particularly very popular among the devotees of Vitthal of Pandharpur.

Saints Sopana, Gora Kumbha, Savata Mali, Kanhoba, Niloba, Cokhamela, Namdev, Tukaram, Muktabai, Janabai, Kanhopatra, and Bahinabai have composed Abhangs.





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