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A Description Of Ashwamedha Yaga



Vedic concepts are supreme. Very well explained,❤️😇 -Sarita Chopra

Selfless service to humanity is true service to God and the highest form of worship. An endeavour in this direction by Vedhadhara!!! Kudos to all your efforts! 🪔🙏 -User_sfbsve

My day starts with Vedadhara🌺🌺 -Priyansh Rai

Awesome! 😎🌟 -Mohit Shimpi

Thank you for your service. Planet earth is better because of people like you 😌 -Vidyut Gupta

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A brief description of the Ashwamedha Yaga performed by Dasharatha to beget children

Knowledge Bank

What does Ugrasrava mean?

A person who has great hearing is known as Ugrasrava. Hearing means grasping power. He was a primary narrator of the Puranas.

What is the meaning of Bhagavata?

Anything that belongs to Bhagavan or Bhagavati is called Bhagavata. Anything that is connected to Bhagavan of Bhagavati is also Bhagavata. The bhakta is also called Bhagavata. भगवतो भगवत्या वा इदम्। तयोः संबन्धिनि च। भक्तः।


Who was younger among the two brothers of Ravana?
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