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🌟 Vedadhara is enlightning us with the hiden gems of Hindu scriptures! 🙏📚 -Aditya Kumar

Brilliant! -Abhilasha

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Where did Surdas Ji meet his Guru Vallabhacharya?

Surdas Ji met Vallabhacharya at Gaughat. Vallabhacharya took him to Gowardhan.

Who is Sweta in Mahabharata?

Sweta was son of King Virata. He was a commander of the Pandava army and caused great damage to the Kaurava side on the first day of the battle itself. Bhishma had to use Brahmastra to kill him. Sweta's relationship with his father was not good. Sweta was known for his inappropriate and unruly ways but reformed after he came in touch with the Pandavas.


What is the connection between Adi Shankaracharya and Bhartruhari ?

हौं नमः haum namah'....

हौं नमः

haum namah'




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